TenCate Outdoor Fabrics introduces a new and colourful collection for sun awning fabrics.


The Freedom Collections

Utilizing our expert knowledge in polyester sun awning fabrics, we have specially developed the bespoke Freedom Collections for the European market. This new trailblazing collection is setting us apart with surprising colour combinations and stylish designs. It is a real game-changer for the way you experience shade. Making it more colourful and atmospheric than ever before!

Double sided possibilities
You can choose a fabric which differs in colour on either side of the fabric. The result being a beautiful neutral appearance on the outside with an impressive light experience on the inside.

Discover the unique features

  • Colour-weather fastness 7-8
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to clean
  • Exceptional protection against UV
  • Protection against dirt, rot and mould
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New patterns with digital printing

Thanks to our advanced technical capabilities, we have developed this unique collection which combines recognizable patterns with new styles. Combinations which were previously not possible, are now part of a whole array of options.

Design and ambiance

The Freedom Collections is a blend of ambiance, design and new structures. When designing the collection, we have taken into account both modern preferences and the rich offerings from the existing sun awning fabric market. Elegant traditional solutions have been tastefully incorporated into new and recognizable structures.

How it’s made

Through our wealth of experience at TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and keenness to innovate, we have developed a new sun awning fabric. Durability and colour fastness are always key to the technical design of our products. Due to its light composition, our fabric is suitable for various sun awning systems.

The basis for our fabric in the collection is a textile substrate of polyester. The fabric undergoes multiple production processes. During each process, the focus is on a different functionality, resulting in a fabric with several unique properties.

Do you want

to be different?

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  • Cube Charcoal

    This must-have ‘charcoal’ colour is a mix of grey and black; an elegant neutral background colour. The ‘ice cubes’ create a playful effect for those looking for something a little different.

  • Euca Sand

    A sense of relaxation is created with delicate branches and shimmering shadows. This reassuring sand colour enhances a sense of tranquillity by forming a connection with nature.

  • Cambric Metal

    The fine-threaded weave of this design emanates a translucent effect. Combined with this deep grey tone, this awning fabric creates a tough but neutral ‘look & feel’.

  • Cotton fields Ochre

    Cotton is inextricably linked to textiles providing the awning fabric with an authentic character. This trend colour creates a feeling of warmth on a hazy summer evening.

  • Bristle Scarlet

    Flame Scarlet is since the ancient times known as a colour of wealth and luxury. An Irresistible warm appearance radiates through the brush effects of this awning fabric.


The Freedom Collections consists of 129 unique items.
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Customer case NYFAN – Greece

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